General Questions

Gold filled metal wears like 14k gold without the price tag. Unlike gold dipped or gold plated jewelry, it will NOT tarnish or turn your skin green. It’s waterproof, and you can wear it 24/7! 

We accept returns or exchanges within 45 days of purchase. To be eligible for a return your item must be unused and in original packaging. Please visit this page to learn how to return and exchange.

If an item was purchased as a gift and needs to be returned/exchanged after 45 days of purchase, please email us at

Gift cards cannot be returned.

The best way to take care of your jewelry is to wear it. (We’re serious!) 

Gold filled jewelry will not tarnish, but if it gets dirty the best way to clean it is with a soft polishing cloth.

Sterling silver can tarnish, most commonly because it is not regularly worn. You can easily wipe the tarnish off with a jewelry polishing cloth. 

If you aren’t regularly wearing your jewelry, storing it in a jewelry bag will help protect it. Our jewelry is waterproof and life proof! Wear to bed, in the shower, while exercising, at the beach, doing dishes, etc.

Our ring sizing is standard, so the best way to know your size is to use a ring sizer (there are inexpensive options on Amazon) or go to a local jeweler to be sized. There are some ways at home you can measure your ring size, but these may not be the most accurate methods.

Our jewelry is handmade with gold filled and sterling silver metals. 

Gold filled will not tarnish! Yay!

In very rare cases, the metal in our gold filled rings can have a reaction with skin and cause slight discoloration. This is not the metal rubbing off. Often, your skin will adjust to the ring after a day or two of wearing it and the discoloration will go away. If not, contact us and we’d be happy to exchange or return your item! 

Sterling silver can tarnish, especially if it is not regularly worn. You can easily wipe the tarnish off with a jewelry polishing cloth. 

People with sensitive skin tend to do well with our jewelry because we only use precious metals. If you do notice a problem in the first few days you have your jewelry, we’d be happy to accept a return or exchange. Everything is nickel free.

All of our jewelry is handmade in beautiful Kamas, Utah. Most of our metals come from the United States (Chicago). Right now the only metal that comes from outside the US is the metal for the Nova ring– all the way from Israel!

We can make half sizes, but the option is not on our site. Just order a whole size and leave a note at checkout.

Yes! Our jewelry is handcrafted by a team of artists in Kamas, UT. Learn more about us here!